Pastor's Study

Currently studying "The U-Turn Church" by Kevin G. Harney

Sundays @ 9 am in the Sanctuary & Wednesdays at 6 pm in the Fireside Room.

      I’m excited to share with you about the upcoming U-turn church study. Beginning on the 13th @ 9 am in the sanctuary and also on Wednesday the 16th at 6:00 in the fireside room, I’ll be leading a 13-week look at the U Turn Church book. This book focuses on church health, for example, what does a healthy church look like? As well as outreach and evangelism, this book was co-authored by Organic Outreach author Kevin G. Harney.

           How do we as a 160+ year old church stay biblically healthy, and connect with a rapidly changing world in a way that helps see more souls saved to Christ and more lives positively changed?  There can be some tendencies that creep up over time, and U Turn church helps us ask “why questions” to make sure we are on God’s path in every area, and that we are healthy and growing, and if, in any area, we are not, to take a U turn back toward God.

           In reading the book there have been some wonderful highlights that I’d like to share briefly to whet your appetite for the study. Why do we desire to grow as a church? What do we mean by grow? Is it just numbers or is it spiritual depth? In each is our attitude to glorify God, to obey him? Or is it to make ourselves look good?  Older churches can lose a sense of urgency because we have been around a long while and expect to be around a good deal more. What was the early church like when it came to urgency? Do we share the gospel because we recognize the reality of just how quickly life can go, or are we in a rhythm that soothes that urgency away?

           While not required, it would be encouraged for you to have your own book and read the chapters before each week. You can find paperback copies on Amazon.

           I’m offering the class twice eac week, so we can get into small groups for plenty of discussion. This will be a big part of our vision going forward and was recommended to us by Organic Outreach and Shoreline Community Church when Joe and I were there on a conference. Given our age, size, and special location in California they feel it’s important to look at it and I have to agree. We have been blessed to be in a spiritual beachhead. As California goes, so does the nation. Our area has been called the bible belt of California, you know what that means? We are in a pivotal role of influence for our nation, one of the most influential nations in the world. I am convinced this is the perfect place for maximum kingdom impact, right here and as one of the oldest churches in the valley area, if we won’t do it? Who will?

           I am hoping to see you at one of the studies!